04 Aug

The most important part of the video production workflow is what happens before the camera starts rolling. Pre-production, like the filmmaking process as a whole, is complicated and can be daunting for independent filmmakers. This is where most of the magic happens—long before you hit the record button.  https://www.zutmedia.com/video-production-manchester/  this is where the vision and premise of a video is communicated.

Zut Media has mastered the most basic and important steps to making the best video production in Manchester. Here are some important stages that should be included in your pre-production process if you want to ensure a steady, successful film shoot from day one.

Video Production Manchester

Critical steps for video production in Manchester.

Define your audience and clarify your message.

Defining your audience is the first step in the video pre-production process. Don’t fall into the trick of assuming that “Customer A wants to see Z content.” Narrowing down your video viewer to a specific buyer persona, will help you create a much more targeted and effective video in the long run.

While the importance of knowing your audience and defining a target market is critical, clearly knowing and understanding your message is equally important. Not only does Zut Media take care of every stage of the video production process for you but also helps with the creative element too – what will you say? How will you say it? Zut Media is actively setting the standard of video production in Manchester.

Storyboards & Shot Lists.

A storyboard is a sequence of drawings that shows all the various shots of your video and gives everyone working on the video content a solid plan to work from. A storyboard is invaluable as an efficient way to visualize the shoot before it happens. Storyboards & shot lists go hand-in-hand with shooting scripts—creating a visual interpretation of the screenplay for the cinematographer to refer to and prepare for. Even before the pre-production process starts, you need an idea, often a fairly polished screenplay to work off of.  

Video Production Manchester

Location Scouting.

You may need to tailor your storyboards to your location or vice-versa, so finding them early is key. Zut media has professional location scouts who are well versed with locales in mind or know how to find original ones perfect for your script. If you’re shooting in a studio or soundstage, you’ll want to find the right one early and make sure it’s not booked before you can lock it in. Get all those premium locations for your video production in Manchester through Zut Media.

Create a Proper Budget.

Failing to gauge a budget at the beginning of pre-production is a good way to unintentionally go over budget. The pros of working with Zut Media is that they value their work and give affordable budgets for their productions. Zut Media is at the frontline making sure video production in Manchester is affordable and accessible to all.

Bonus Tips:

You also need to always choose your gear before the production begins to avoid any stuck ups during the production. Make sure to clear any red tape in advance. Get the paper work­, namely permits and insurance. Permits are required to shoot in public in some locations. You need insurance to cover your crew and cast- better safe than sorry! Finally, Rehearse, Rehearse and rehearse. Just remember that if you’re confident and prepared you can get through any barrier and tell the story you’ve always wanted to tell.

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